Wijn smaakt beter in combinatie met kaas

A glass of wine tastes better when cheese is eaten. The cheese ensures, among other things, that the fruitiness and aroma are emphasized more.

This is shown by research by the French Center for Taste and Nutrition in Dijon.

The center asked 31 wine connoisseurs to assess a number of wines in combination with cheeses. According to the participants, all wines tasted better after eating cheese. Some cheeses reduced the effect of tannin, which can cause a dry mouthfeel.

"When eating different cheeses, wine probably tastes better, regardless of which cheese is eaten," says researcher Mara Galmarini of the University of Burgundy.

Different wines
The wine connoisseurs drank four different French wines: a sweet pacherenc, a dry sancerre, a full burgundy and a fruity madiran. These were combined with French cheeses: epoisses, comte, roquefort and crottin.

After eating a piece of cheese participants took three gulps of wine, after which they had to indicate on a list which effects the cheese had on the wine. That process was repeated with the rest of the cheeses and wines.

The results were published in Food Science.

source: nu.nl