A household name in Alkmaar for more than 20 years.

Freshly roasted nuts, syrup waffles and Delft blue. That is the assortment with which the Alkmaar Notenbranderij opened its doors in 2000.

The friendship with Piet Klaver (Klaver Kaas) meant that owner Robert Weerman also put cheese on the shelves. The Klaver Kaas branch on the Waagplein was continued by Robert in the Magdalenenstraat.

The store? You could just stand in there. Cozy and North Holland. Just like the city of Alkmaar. Robert Weerman - also known as 'Nootje' - calls Alkmaar a large village. This is due to the personal contact with customers. Alkmaarders and tourists have known him for years. And that is exactly what makes his work so fun.

The store has expanded over the years. The assortment grew. Wines, luxury chocolate, vinegar and delicacies. The tastiest whipped truffles from Alkmaar, olives from our own marinade and fresh peanut butter. Small selections, which Robert fully supports.

Customers; they run off and on. They know the quality of the Alkmaar nut roasting industry. And the warm character of Robert. Come along on the Magdalenenstraat, and experience it yourself.

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